Times square in new york city

Times square in new york city

Praise for TeenVestor®

About TeenVestor.com From The Wall Street Journal: "provides in-depth information about investing, starting your own business, the stock market and the economy. Geared for 12- to 18-year-olds, it explains financial concepts in a detailed but easy-to-understand way. There is an entrepreneur section, as well as links to 40 other teen financial sites."

Junior Achievement
TeenVestor serves as a great introduction to investing and the fundamentals of financial markets for teens… One of the greatest aspects of TeenVestor is that Modu has written the book in a tone that teens can relate to. He has taken a wide array of financial concepts and presented them in such a way that today’s teen can easily appreciate. Modu uses examples that are simple to understand and gives practical advice that any “Teenvestor” can start applying right away.”    
— Jack E. Kosakowski, President & CEO, Junior Achievement USA

As both the CEO of Investopedia and the father of a teenage son, I thoroughly recommend this book to both teenagers and their parents. The state of financial education in the U.S. is woeful. Schools are failing and it is up to our teenagers and parents to enable their kids to become Teenvestors. The authors’ use of worksheets, real-life examples and easy-to-use format help readers gain more knowledge than after their first finance class in college, but in a much easier learning format. Concepts such as diversification, compounding, EPS and socially responsible investing were particularly well done, as well as advice for parents on managing money and teenage investing. Despite having an MBA in Finance from Wharton, I was able to glean more than a few take-aways. As both an investor and the parent of investors, it is a must read.
— David Siegel, CEO, Investopedia

TradeKing Group (Best Online Broker 2016 by Stockbrokers.com)
"Teens and first-time investors, this is your moment! No one is going to care more about your financial future than you, and because you have time on your side, you are in the best position to make the most of that future. Thanks to a whole host of new, affordable and easy-to-understand online investing options, there has never been a better time for the 'little guy' to take charge of his/her investments. Mr. Modu's book offers clear, concise and actionable information to help get you on the right path."
— Donato "Don" Montanaro, Jr., CEO, TradeKing Group, Inc. 

Barron's chose Teenvestor: The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and their Parents as one of the top investment books in the year it was first publish. According to Barron's, "TeenVestor is another excellent resource for learning not only the basics of investing in stocks, mutual funds, and IRAs, but also the workings of the economy."  — Barron's

Money Magazine
"Teenvestor ® was written especially for teenagers, although it's actually a good basic resource for any age....I like this latest book because it encourages parents to come along for the ride and learn about investing, too. It has good, solid (not dumbed down) explanations of investment basics, how to read income statement, understand markets, and so on..."
— Money Magazine

"....In many ways, Teenvestor ® bridges the gap between the other two teen-investing books. More in-depth and sophisticated than 'I Want to Be Rich!', it doesn’t assume its readers have had prior exposure to investing or easy access to money the way Street Wise does...."
— Morningstar

Investor's Business Daily
"The adage about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to catch his own also applies to your teenagers. Give them money and they'll come back for more. But give them the basics of investing and they'll have the tools to make money on their own. "If you can start motivating interest in the stock market at a young age, you can develop good saving habits in your teenager, said Emmanuel Modu, author of Teenvestor ® : The Practical Investment Guide for Teens and Their Parents".
— Investor's Business Daily

School Library Journal
"...This comprehensive tutorial opens with a discussion of the importance of learning how to manage and invest money and offers both advice and strategies. The authors explain the basics of investing, and then describe how to read and interpret balance sheets and income statements, how to understand the stock market, and how to evaluate and choose stocks for the long-term strategies they recommend. They also cover mutual funds, explain the various ways to purchase stocks, and describe income-tax implications for this audience. Throughout, they encourage "Teenvestors" to visit their Web site for further information and updates. The information is accurate, objective, and helpful. A few tables accompany the text. While this how-to book doesn't really compare to extant works, its strong message that readers need to take charge of their own financial futures and the practical advice it offers to help them do so will ensure an audience for it". 
— School Library Journal

BankMobile (The Largest Mobile-First Bank in the U.S.)
“When it comes to saving and budgeting, these are habits that are necessary to develop at an early age as they are crucial to creating a healthy financial future. As a teen, your ability to start saving money now, no matter what amount, will help pave the way for future stability and allow your money to grow faster through compound interest.  TeenVestor will set you on the path to being a saver and an investor.”
— Luvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Marketing  Officer, BankMobile

Emmanuel Modu was interviewed Bill Griffith of CNBC. The interview covered the book, Teenvestor ® , as well as the website.

"Teenvestor ® by Emmanuel Modu and Andrea Walker was written to help the ever-expanding universe of teens who think playing the market is the next logical step when they're too old for Pokemon cards. ...Both the book and the website are clearly laid out and offer good information in an accessible, and unlike many books aimed toward the younger market, unpatronizing manner...Most teens are not old enough to invest through a regular investment account, so there's a chapter going through the options open to parents of teens, such as custodial account and IRAs..."
— FinancialFinesse

The Independent Tribune
"Psst. Find this web site on the internet and bookmark it. TEENVESTOR.COM. Just don't let anyone know you're using it. It's supposed to be for kids. If you want to learn about investing, this is the place to go. It's for teens, but if you won't tell, we won't either. This is good stuff".
— Marshall Smith, Personal Finance Columnist