Lessons: Chapter 11 - How To Find the Right Stock

Important Links

The following are the links to business publications and sites that will help you learn more about investing. Fortunately, 13-year olds can read and understand most general business publications. We knew an 11-year old who read The Wall Street Journal regularly. We believe The Wall Street Journal should be required reading for every Teenvestor. Go to the publication’s website and just review the short article summaries if you don’t have a paid subscription – you are sure to absorb something from this great publication.

In addition, high-quality business news aggregators and publications such as Yahoo!Finance, Marketwatch, Investopedia, Forbes, and Fortune can be great resources on new companies and trends you should explore for investment ideas. These publications can often save Teenvestors lots of research time because they publish detailed, up-to-date articles on some of the biggest companies in the United States and around the world. 

There are also some relatively new publications such as TechCrunch, GeekWire, and VentureBeat that specialize in articles about technology companies. Although we feel that high-technology investing is for the advanced Teenvestor, you may want to sample some of these magazines as well.

Here is a list of some news and information sources that will help anyone age 12 or older to become a true Teenvestor:

The Wall Street Journal



CBS MoneyWatch

Financial Times




CNN Money

The Economist

Fast Company