The "Time Value of Money" -- The Most Important Money Idea That Can Change Your Life Forever

Time value of money simply says that a dollar received today is worth more than a dollar received in one day, one month, or a year, because the dollar received today can start earning interest immediately. 


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Amazon Has Launched a New Kind of Account Specifically for Teens

Tied to a parent's account, a new kind of log-in allows teens to purchase items off Amazon.com and from Amazon services using a parent's credit card and Prime account.


LA Teen Who Created Ridesharing Tesloop is a Finalist in $500,000 Forbes Contest

Haydn Sonnad, now 18, was just 16 when he created Tesloop, a regional rideshare service that uses electric Teslas, two years ago. The Los Angeles teen graduated from Agoura High in June. For a nominal fee, Tesloop customers ride in swanky electric Teslas while plugged into work, music or Instagram. A “pilot” navigates dedicated routes between Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County and Palm Springs.


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