Lessons: Chapter 17 - Other Investments

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17.1: You can buy Certificates of Deposits or CDs from which of the following

  1. Banks

  2. Book stores

  3. Amazon

17.2: Certificates of Deposits or CDs can be characterized by all of the following except for one:

  1. They are insured by Federal Deposit Insurance

  2. They pay interest

  3. The interest you receive on them is usually higher than the interest on regular bank savings account

  4. They are guaranteed by the bank or the financial institution that sells them to you

17.3: True or False. U.S. Savings Bonds can be characterized as loans American citizens  make to the U.S. government

17.4: True or False. The EE Savings bonds will pay interest for up to 30 years

17.5: True or False. You can buy paper or electronic savings bonds in various denominations

17.6: Which of the following savings bonds pays you a fixed interest rate

  1. Series EE Bonds

  2. I Savings Bonds


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